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One in Five Galaxies could be Hidden

3 Dec 2021, 05:51 UTC
One in Five Galaxies could be Hidden
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The Astronomy, Technology, and Space Science News Podcast.SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 138*New study says one in five galaxies could be hiddenAstronomers at the University of Copenhagen’s Cosmic Dawn Center have discovered two previously invisible galaxies 29 billion light-years away.*Hundreds of new planets discoveredNASA has announced the discovery of another 301 exoplanets – planets orbiting stars other than the Sun.*Black Sky launches from southern QueenslandBlack Sky Aerospace has successfully launched a satellite security test play load from its Goondiwindi launch complex in south western Queensland.*Russia launches a new module to the Space StationA Russian Soyuz rocket has blasted off from the Baikonur cosmodrome in the central Asian republic of Kazakhstan carrying the new Prichal docking module for the International Space Station.*December SkywatchThe December Solstice, the Eta Carinae ticking time bomb, the Orion constellation, and the annual Geminids meteor shower are among the highlights of December on SkyWatch. For more SpaceTime and show links: https://linktr.ee/biteszHQ If you love this podcast, please get someone else to listen too. Thank you…To become a SpaceTime supporter and unlock commercial free editions of the show, gain early access and bonus content, please visit https://bitesz.supercast.com/ . Premium version now available via Spotify and Apple Podcasts.To listen to SpaceTime on your favorite App automatically: https://link.chtbl.com/spacetime https://spacetimewithstuartgary.comhttps://bitesz.com

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