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Fueling Inspiration and Understanding Radiation

14 Sep 2013, 17:48 UTC
Fueling Inspiration and Understanding Radiation
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This is the September Edition of Red Planet Radio, which contains three exciting interviews: a first is co-operative radio program interview, provided by Doug Turnbull of host of Mars Pirate Radio interviews fiction writer Jerry, Ol-tee-on.  Our second interview was with Taber MacCallum of Inspiration Mars, announcing the exciting news of the recently founded University Architecture contest, as well as the latest Details around the Inspiration Mars Fly-by Mission.  And our final interview was with Dr. Brian Hanley, Author of the book “Radiation - Exposure and its treatment, geared to help us understand more about what’s really faced in the travel across deep space to our destination Mars.

Learn more at: http://www.radio.marssociety.orgMonthly Podcast news program dedicated to the human exploration and settlement of the Red Planet Mars.

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