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The science of astronomy never ceases to amaze. Every day new results are published that trigger a cascade of coverage in the media across news services, blogs, podcasts and in social networks. New providers appear while old ones disappear. To accommodate all these changes, the Portal to the Universe remains a dynamic project. We encourage participation from everyone interested in space sciences and what they mean for humankind.


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Media outlets, bloggers, enthusiasts, etc. can submit astronomy and space-relevant RSS feeds. Use one of the following links:

New and interesting content is more than welcome. Please contact


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Help spread the word - the following page contains ideas on just how you can help spread the word. 


Bona fide members of the media can request special privileges to log in to see press releases prior to their public release (so-called embargoed releases). Please register here.


Public Information Officers

Public Information Officers can request special privileges to log in to see and submit press releases prior to their public release (so-called embargoed releases). Please register here.


Code Widgets for Live Data

We are looking for coding enthusiasts to code new widgets that fetch some of the hundreds of interesting pieces of live data floating around on the web. We will provide a short summary of what is needed. Send an email to Adam Hadhazy (


Joining the Portal Team

Are you interested in being an Editor for Portal to the Universe? All it takes is a little dedication (a few hours a week, but we are flexible), a love for astronomy and an internet connection! Please contact Adam Hadhazy ( if you are interested in helping out with editing from anywhere in the world.

An Editor's responsibilities include sifting through content to feature the newest, best and most interesting findings, stories, interviews and more, while also filtering out some of the non-astronomy related items that make their way onto the Portal. Editors are also encouraged to reach out to content providers (news sources, bloggers, etc) to promote the use of RSS feeds and to spread word about the Portal in the community.

Many individuals are working with the Portal to make sure that the best possible content reaches our readers. The different roles and responsibilities are listed here.

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