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DIVSS Students in Focus: Aryanna Schiebelbein

29 Jul 2021, 18:43 UTC
DIVSS Students in Focus: Aryanna Schiebelbein

Credit: Aryanna Schiebelbein.

Aryanna Schiebelbein is from Waterloo, Ontario. She’s going into her fourth year at the University of Waterloo. Her major is Physics and Astronomy, with a minor in Anthropology.

What first interested you in astronomy?
So, ever since I was in elementary school and first learned about astronomy, I’ve been very interested in it. I was always fascinated by the objects that are in deep space, like black holes and neutron stars – and just fascinated with all that humans did know –  and also, in particular, what humans don’t know. I really wanted to contribute to the part that we don’t know. So astronomy was always a natural career path for me.

What most interested you about Dunlap’s instrumentation school? 
I did take an observational astronomy course in university, which started my interest in instrumentation. When my research supervisor for the summer term showed me the Dunlap Institute’s summer school, I was immediately interested and saw it as an opportunity to get more information in the field of instrumentation.
What have you enjoyed most about the school so far? 
My favourite part of the summer school so far has been the professional development panel. I’m in a transitional period in my career, where I’m in the process of finishing my undergraduate degree. So it was a really great opportunity to get advice and guidance from people who are successful in the field.
What do you hope to do next? 
I plan on attending graduate studies next year and I hope to eventually get my PhD and build a career as a researcher. It would be very cool to take part in a space instrumentation mission one day.

Credit: Aryanna Schiebelbein
“I am interested in gravitational waves which are a cutting edge area of instrumentation.” Credit: NASA.

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