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Dragonfly Aerospace

Software Programming Engineer

12 Mar 2021, 09:48 UTC
Software Programming Engineer

The Software Programming Engineer is responsible for designing software as defined by the needs mandated through clients, projects and stakeholders such that it achieves outputs which meet validated requirements. The Software Programming Engineer is responsible for performing software programming design in an efficient, pro-active and synergistic manner.
All software developed within the organisation is to be designed and maintained in accordance to the standards as defined by the Software Engineering division or where otherwise approved. As such, the Software Programming Engineer is responsible for designing and implementing software while operating according to its approved Software Architecture, Software Development and other standards as defined by its Centres of Excellence (COE) within which specific aspects, amongst others include practices, principles, procedures and supporting structures.
Software solutions are produced for Space and Ground segments of spacecraft engineering which includes the development, testing, ground support equipment, assembly & integration and production environments – furthermore, software solutions are produced per project need and required assignment.
The Software Programming Engineer is also responsible to (perform and contribute) a given Centre of Excellence.
The organisation’s systems engineering standards are employed on all projects and work assignments. Software programming engineering is practiced within interdisciplinary engineering project teams and projects, enabling realisation of successful and precise technical outcomes that meets the intended technical performance as set for stakeholder, user and customer needs.
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related degree
● C/C++ programming (minimum 2 years/working to proficient knowledge)
● Embedded Linux application and kernel driver development (working knowledge)
● Knowledge of the software development life-cycle (working knowledge)
● Unit- and integration-testing experience (working knowledge)
● Python programming (working knowledge)
● .NET/C# programming (basic knowledge)
● Communication
● Teamwork
● Problem-solving
● Computer programming and coding
● Multitasking
● Attention to detail

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