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Europlanet Research Infrastructure

Europlanet Partners Present… The Open University

4 Mar 2021, 18:40 UTC
Europlanet Partners Present… The Open University

Europlanet Partners Present… The Open University

Beneficiaries of the Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure (RI) project used the forum of the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) 2020 to present their activities and research on planetary topics. In this series, we have compiled playlists of EPSC2020 video presentations to showcase the contributions to Europlanet 2024 RI and wider research by our project partners.

This month, we feature presentations involving researchers from The Open University (OU), UK.

Grace Richards won the EPEC-EPSC #PlanetaryScience4All Video Contest 2020 with her video VOC analysis unlocking the secrets of Enceladus’ surface. Grace is a PhD student at The Open University. The title of her PhD is ‘The feasibility of in situ VOC analysis on icy moons’.

The following playlist features EPSC2020 scientific oral video presentations involving researchers from The Open University:

EPSC2020-474 | TP18 – AstrobiologyUsing supervised machine learning methods to improve the selection of analogue sites for studying habitability of the sub-surface ocean of Europa (Alvaro del Moral, Victoria Pearson, Mark Fox-Powell and Karen Olsson-Francis).EPSC2020-199 | OPS4 – Icy worlds and rings: Past and future explorationsProduction of crystalline and amorphous phases during freezing of simulated Enceladus ocean fluids (Mark Fox-Powell and Claire Cousins).EPSC2020-839  | ODAA2 – Open planetary science for effective knowledge co-creation and disseminationOpenness and collaboration in astrobiology education (Ann Grand, Sarah Davies, Victoria Pearson, Richard Holliman,and Karen Olsson-Francis).EPSC2020-676 | TP14 – Mars Surface and InteriorNOAH-H, a deep-learning, terrain classification system for HiRISE: Results for Oxia Planum and Mawrth Vallis (Alexander M. Barrett, Matt Balme, Mark Woods, Spyros Karachalios, Danilo Petrocelli, Elliot Sefton-Nash and Luc Joudrier).EPSC2020-216 | TP14 – Mars Surface and InteriorMorphology, Morphometry, and Distribution of Isolated Landforms on the Margin of Chryse Planitia, Mars (Joe McNeil, Matt Balme, Peter Fawdon and Angela Coe).EPSC2020-782 | TP10 – Mercury Science and ExplorationOn the asymmetry of Nathair Facula (David Rothery, Océane Barraud, Sebastien Besse, Cristian Carli, David Pegg, Jack Wright and Francesca Zambon).

Poster presentations

EPSC2020-97 | TP18 – AstrobiologyPreservation and Detection of Lipid Biomarkers within Martian Sulfates (Anushree Srivastava, Karen Olsson-Francis, Victoria Pearson, Susanne Schwenzer, Michael Macey, Mario Toubes-Rodrigo, Terry McGenity and Alexandra Pontefract).EPSC2020-807 | MITM10 – Planetary geologic mapping and 3D geological modelling: from collaborative efforts to infrastructureGeological mapping of Mawrth Vallis, Mars, by PLANMAP (Jack Wright, Matt Balme, Joel Davis, Peter Fawdon and David Rothery).EPSC2020-807 | TP10 – Mercury Science and ExplorationInvestigating the Neruda-Paramour thrust system, Mercury (Benjamin Man, David Rothery, Matt Balme, Susan Conway and Jack Wright).EPSC2020-55 | TP14 – Mars Surface and InteriorImpact Crater Degradation and the Timing of Resurfacing events in Oxia Planum (Peter Fawdon, Amelie Roberts and Melissa Mirino).EPSC2020-978 | TP16 – European Exploration of Mars: from Mars Express to ExoMars and beyondHiRISE-scale characterization of the Oxia Planum landing site for the Exomars 2022 Mission (Elliot Sefton-Nash, Matt Balme, Cathy Quantin-Nataf, Peter Fawdon, Matthieu Volat, Ernst Hauber, Csilla Orgel, Alessandro Frigeri, Laetitia Le Deit, Ottaviano Ruesch, Solmaz Adeli, Damien Loizeau, Joel Davis, Peter Grindrod, Andrea Nass, Sander de Witte, Fred Calef, Tariq Soliman, Jorge Vago, and the ExoMars Rover Science Operations Working Group (RSOWG) Macro Mapping Team).EPSC2020-861 | TP16 – European Exploration of Mars: from Mars Express to ExoMars and beyondHiRISE-scale characterization of the Oxia Planum landing site for the Exomars 2022 Mission (Donald Bowden, John Bridges, Agnes Cousin, Susanne Schwenzer, Roger Wiens, Olivier Gasnault, Lucy Thompson, Patrick Gasda, Candice Bedford, Stuart Turner and Rebecca Williams).EPSC2020-825 | TP2 – Planetary Dynamics: Shape, Gravity, Orbit, Tides, and Rotation from Observations and ModelsPhysical modelling of YORP-evolved NEA (23187) 2000 PN9 from optical and radar observations (Lord Dover, Stephen Lowry, Agata Rożek, Tarik Zegmott, Ben Rozitis, Simon Green, Colin Snodgrass, Paul Weissman, Yurij Krugly, Irina Belskaya, and Marina Brozović).

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