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Dragonfly Aerospace

Junior Project Manager

12 Feb 2021, 15:39 UTC
Junior Project Manager

Job Description
To manage aerospace projects from their initiation, through all project phases till closure. Project teams will consist of project managers and engineers from across a variety of functional areas of the organisation.
A Project Manager will establish and work on various projects to manage and ensure the provision of predefined deliverables and services within a predefined time and cost budget, while mitigating project risks / obstacles and managing stakeholder and customer expectations.
B Eng / B Tech, Electric / Electronic / Mechanical preferable
Project Management related certifications advantageous
3 years technical work experience
Project Management experience preferable

Managing the team to success. This involves overcoming conflicts on the lower level, communicating with team members and tying in key stakeholders
A project manager needs to have not only technical skills, but also a number of soft skills, including team management, social competency, self-management, and stress management


Holds full accountability for project success
Accountable for project initiation, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and delivery
Accountable to solicit, track, report, manage and resolve project risks
Ensure assigned projects adhere to their baselined plan of schedule (timeous) and budget (cost)
Establish project management plans as required
Coordinating and integrating tasks/activities and clarifying project objectives within a multidisciplinary team
Providing support, guidance, motivation and facilitation of the team through the project process
Interface, communicate, work with and manage expectations of internal and external stakeholders and clients
Appropriate interpersonal skills that include a sensitivity for intercultural differences
Establish and maintain project-client contracts and reports
Establish scope of work, work plan and associated work packages for a given project
Planning and identifying a project’s required group of skills
Perform scheduling and resource levelling of multiple simultaneous projects
Work with functional area management for the appropriate resource assignments
Track and report on resource loading in support of functional areas and the PO
Consult respective functional areas to obtain assignments of appropriate resources (capability/skill level/vertical depth) to project tasks
Managing changes to the project as and when necessary
Ensure that projects are subject to review and baselined at appropriate stages before progressing onward
Keep appropriate records according to standing procedures
Submit reports to the Program Office as required and directed
Ad hoc engineering support as may be required from time to time
The mandate on the project manager is to define:
o What task/project is to be done,
o When will the task/project be done,
o Why the task/project will be done,
o How much budget is available to do the task,o How well has the task/project been done in terms of the above aspects

REMUNERATION: Market related.
Send your CV directly to our HR department: hr.rsa@dragonflyaerospace.com

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