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A collaboration in corona times

18 Feb 2021, 14:14 UTC
A collaboration in corona times

18 February 2021 – Also our KM3NeT collaboration has to follow the restrictive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. So, also the last two weeks we met on-line and discussed the many details of building the telescopes, analysing the data and developing simulation programs. We do not complain as we can cope with the virtual meetings and are still privileged, but nevertheless we miss our colleagues tremendously.  In particular for the young scientists in our collaboration it is a hard time.
During the collaboration meeting we said virtually goodbye to people retiring after many years of service in the collaboration. Thank you Marco Anghinolfi and enjoy your retirement. Arrivederci, but no goodbye!
We virtually raised a glass to thank Mauro Taiuti for his four years of leadership as Spokesperson of KM3NeT. Fortunately, he has promised to continue his scientific career in the collaboration!
We are looking forward to the new leadership of Paschal Coyle and his team. All the best for executing the tremendous task ahead of building the telescopes and executing the scientific program – also in corona times. We will do our best to support you!
We virtually applauded PhD students that delivered their thesis and wished postdocs leaving the collaboration all the best for their careers.!
We also virtually welcomed new students and postdocs who will work on the nitty gritty of data analysis and detector calibration. We hope to meet you face-to-face soon!
And last but not least we  virtually welcomed LPC Caen, France as a new group in the collaboration that will participate in both the construction work and the scientific program. Super!
On the bright side of virtual meetings our conference committee reported a more diverse participation of our collaboration in the conferences. More people took part and the representation among speakers was better balanced in seniority and gender.
Building and operating a telescope is an attractive collaborative effort with a lot of human interaction. So, we like making a group picture at each Collaboration meeting. Below our screen shots of the meeting taking place this week: a collaboration in corona times.

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