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Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

Galactic cannibalism in Stephan\'s Quintet

5 Feb 2018, 01:58 UTC
Galactic cannibalism in Stephan\'s Quintet CFHT, Pierre-Alain Duc (Observatoire de Strasbourg) & Jean-Charles Cuillandre (CEA Saclay/Obs. de Paris)

Stephan’s Quintet is a compact group of 5 spiral and elliptical galaxies (excluding a spiral in appearance related to the system but actually present in the foreground, at the same distance as NGC 7331). The Hubble Space Telescope immortalized this region after observations of the group became one of the telescope’s iconic images. Stephan’s Quintet is the poster child for studies on the collective evolution of galaxies subjected to a range of effects such as interactions and slow collisions creating gravitational stellar streams, high speed galactic collision, gas ramming, starbursts and creation of intergalactic stellar systems.

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