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The 1st extragalactic planet?

27 Oct 2021, 14:00 UTC
The 1st extragalactic planet?
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A hundred billion stars swirl together in this image of M51, aka the Whirlpool Galaxy, and its smaller companion galaxy NGC 5195. They’re located some 30 million light-years away. The box shows the location of a possible planet, possibly the 1st extragalactic planet known. Composite image in X-ray and optical light via Chandra/ Hubble Space Telescope/ ESA/ NASA/ CXC/ SAO/ R. DiStefano, et al/ STScI/ Grendler.
1st extragalactic planet?
A team of astronomers believes it might have detected the first planet beyond our Milky Way, in another galaxy far away. M51, the famous Whirlpool Galaxy, is located in the direction of our constellation Canes Venatici. At about 30 million light-years away, the Whirlpool Galaxy is close enough and huge enough to see with binoculars in a dark sky. But good luck picking out individual stars from the swirling mass of billions. So how could the astronomers spot a dim planet? The answer lies in X-ray data from a binary system, where an ordinary star orbits a neutron star or black hole. The astronomers observed a dip in brightness from the system. They believe the dip might indicate the first known extragalactic planet passing in front of the X-ray source.
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