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Daylight fireball tracked to Earth

30 Sep 2021, 12:00 UTC
Daylight fireball tracked to Earth
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On February 28, 2020, around 10:35 in the morning, people around the Adriatic Sea looked up to see a bright burst of light streaking toward Earth. Dashcams, security cameras, and even a bike helmet recorded this daylight fireball as it plunged through our atmosphere. The meteor broke into pieces as it heated up, scattering across the land. Denis Vida of the University of Western Ontario gave a presentation at the Europlanet Science Congress virtual meeting in September 2021 showing how they were able to reconstruct the trajectory of the fireball using the videos.
Witnesses to the daylight fireball
Slovenians directly under the path of the fireball reported hearing loud explosions and saw the fireball for 3 1/2 seconds as it flashed, broke up and left a trail of dust in the morning sky. The International Meteor Organization received 70 eyewitness reports of the fireball from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Austria and even one in Germany. The observer from Germany reported it as:
Impressively beautiful!
While one witness identified as Alegra J. in Croatia said:
I didn’t hear a sound but I did feel a sort of wave as I was watching. Also, suddenly the sky was full of birds flying ...

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