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Today’s Deep Space Extra

26 Jul 2021, 15:07 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… Pirs airlock and docking module successfully departed the International Space Station to free a docking port for Nauka. Mars drone helicopter Ingenuity flew a 10th flight on Saturday surpassing the 1-mile mark for all its missions thus far.

Human Space ExplorationRussian’s Pirs module discarded after 20 years of service at Space StationSpaceflightnow.com (7/26): Previously planned for Friday, the departure of Russia’s nearly 20-year-old Pirs airlock and docking module from the International Space Station (ISS) took place on Monday at 6:55 a.m., EDT making way for Russia’s large Nauka Multipurpose Laboratory module. Pirs departed the Russian segment in the grasp of Russia’s Progress MS-16 cargo capsule and will make a destructive reentry over the Pacific Ocean. Nauka is scheduled to rendezvous and dock at the ISS on Thursday at 9:25 a.m., EDT.

Space ScienceNASA’s Mars helicopter soars past 1-mile mark in 10th flight over Red PlanetSpace.com (7/25): The drone helicopter Ingenuity, delivered to Jezero Crater on Mars by NASA’s Perseverance rover in February, flew for a 10th time on Saturday. With the flight over an area designated “Raised Ridges”, Ingenuity surpassed the 1-mile mark for all its missions to date. During Saturday’s ...

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