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Today’s Deep Space Extra

8 Jul 2021, 13:50 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… Space shuttle Atlantis launched for the last time 10 years ago today. NASA experts continue to pinpoint the cause of a malfunction on the Hubble space telescope.

Human Space ExplorationOn This Day in Space! July 8, 2011: Space Shuttle Atlantis launches on final missionSpace.com (7/8): Atlantis was the last of NASA’s space shuttles to fly into space, on mission STS-135. By the end of this final flight, it had traveled 126,000,000 miles and orbited Earth 4,848 times.

Space Science
Methane in plume of Saturn’s moon Enceladus could be sign of alien life, study suggestsSpace.com (7/7): Data from NASA’s Cassini mission, which orbited Saturn, suggests signatures of methane gas rising from the moon Enceladus may be a sign of biological activity. But there are other possible explanations. For example, it’s feasible that the icy moon features some types of abiotic methane-producing reactions that aren’t prevalent here on Earth, perhaps the decay of primordial organic matter left over from the moon’s birth, researchers said. Findings were published in the journal Nature Astronomy.
Supply chain, Artemis program limits SLS use for scienceSpaceNews.com (7/8): The SLS’s performance interests scientists proposing missions to the outer solar ...

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