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An Unparalleled View of the Growth of Galaxies

22 Jun 2021, 16:00 UTC
An Unparalleled View of the Growth of Galaxies
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Editor’s note: Astrobites is a graduate-student-run organization that digests astrophysical literature for undergraduate students. As part of the partnership between the AAS and astrobites, we occasionally repost astrobites content here at AAS Nova. We hope you enjoy this post from astrobites; the original can be viewed at astrobites.org.
Title: New Determinations of the UV Luminosity Functions from z ~ 9 to z~ 2 Show a Remarkable Consistency with Halo Growth and a Constant Star Formation Efficiency
Authors: R.J. Bouwens, P.A. Oesch, M. Stefanon, et al.
First Author’s Institution: Leiden University, The Netherlands
Status: Submitted to ApJ

For decades, astronomers have used methods of “extragalactic census” to anchor our theoretical understanding of galaxy evolution. The idea is to simply measure the number of galaxies within a volume of the universe as a function of some physical variable (like dark matter halo mass, stellar mass, or luminosity, for instance). When measured at one epoch or point in time, these censuses tell us a great deal about the universe by simply recording how common galaxies of different types are. If this measurement is carried out at various redshifts (z), one obtains a timeline of the universe that encodes the changes in the underlying ...

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