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Teenage Galaxy Eludes Authorities

15 Jun 2021, 16:00 UTC
Teenage Galaxy Eludes Authorities
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Editor’s note: Astrobites is a graduate-student-run organization that digests astrophysical literature for undergraduate students. As part of the partnership between the AAS and astrobites, we occasionally repost astrobites content here at AAS Nova. We hope you enjoy this post from astrobites; the original can be viewed at astrobites.org.
Title: A recently quenched isolated dwarf galaxy outside of the Local Group environment
Authors: Ava Polzin, Pieter van Dokkum, Shany Danieli, Johnny P. Greco and Aaron J. Romanowsky
First Author’s Institution: Yale University
Status: Accepted to ApJL

Earth Orbit — Hubble
A teen galaxy, going by the name COSMOS-dw1, refuses to testify to authorities (i.e., scientists) about its nature or, for that matter, about anything much at all.
The young specimen has been taken into custody (i.e., was discovered) recently and created more questions than it answered. Specifically, it appears to have quenched all star formation processes, feeding once again into unfounded prejudice about young “slacker” galaxies. Why it has done so, it refuses to imply directly. One would naturally assume that such staggering behavior must be a direct consequence of the environment of such a young, impressionable galaxy. But authorities were stunned when they learned that COSMOS-dw1 exists in isolation, acting ...

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