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Chronicles from Concordia

Curve balls, learning curves and Concordia

11 Jun 2021, 07:46 UTC
Curve balls, learning curves and Concordia
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Dr. Nick Smith is the ESA-sponsored medical doctor spending 12 months at Concordia research station in Antarctica for the 2020-21 season. He facilitates a number of experiments on the effects of isolation, light deprivation, and extreme temperatures on the human body and mind.

Welcome back everyone. As I am essentially a human spreadsheet and love to be organised, these blogs are going to be mostly in chronological order. Moving on from the pre-departure period in my last attempt, today I’ll describe leaving home through to the first weeks in Antarctica.

At the time of writing I’m 33 years old and have a few valuable experiences under my belt; an adult, some might say. I thought I had seen most of the range of human emotion, but this time was different. On Monday 12th October, incomparable and new, I felt a strange tearing emotion as I walked into Edinburgh Airport. It was a mixture of the acute separation I felt, the anxiety of what would come next and the excitement of the massive adventure towards which I was taking my first physical steps. With the tears of leaving my partner behind for 14 months drying on my cheeks this new feeling ...

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