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Age dating a stellar stream

30 Apr 2021, 18:39 UTC
Age dating a stellar stream
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This guest post was written by Mark Popinchalk, a PhD candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center and Hunter College, based at the American Museum of Natural History. He studies the relationship between rotation rate and age in low mass stars. He is part of the BDNYC research group and is also a co-host for Astronomy on Tap NYC. Outside of astronomy he enjoys ultimate frisbee, bakes bread, and plays board games. His favorite color is sky-blue-pink.

Title:​ TESS Reveals that the Nearby Pisces-Eridanus Stellar Stream is only 120 Myr OldAuthors: ​Jason L. Curtis, Marcel A. Agüeros, Eric E. Mamajek, Jason T. Wright, and Jeffrey D. CummingsFirst Author’s Institution:​ Columbia University, New York, New York Status: ​Published in The Astronomical Journal, open access on arXivComoving stars, or stars that move together, are somewhat unexpected. There are lots of stars in the universe, and a lot of directions for the stars to go, so, you would expect any two stars to be moving in different directions. Finding stars moving in the same direction therefore implies something special, namely that they are related somehow, often with a shared history. One of the largest comoving systems is a system of 256 stars that are ...

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