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How to successfully start and run a journal club

23 Apr 2021, 15:00 UTC
How to successfully start and run a journal club
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As a graduate student, you face many tasks – doing your research, preparing articles, and perhaps some teaching duties. One of the hardest tasks is regularly reading papers and keeping on top of the current research trends. However, every day dozens of new articles are submitted to the astro-ph (the astronomy part of the preprint server arXiv). Evaluating which papers are interesting and reading them all would take up more time than you can spend on it, even if you follow these tips on reading papers. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem – start a journal club!Journal clubs can take different forms, but all of them share one characteristic: people interested in astronomy (students, researchers, maybe even professors) gather to discuss scientific articles in a regular meeting. In most journal clubs, several people present the contents of one scientific article each, while everyone else can chime in on the discussion. This arrangement has many benefits and can help you stay on top of the current research. First, not everyone has to read every paper in detail. There are five people in your journal club and five exciting articles on the arXiv for this week? Perfect – you each ...

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