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SALT Astronomy

Night Log 2021-04-22

23 Apr 2021, 05:50 UTC
Night Log 2021-04-22
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SA: Moses
SO: Veronica


It was mostly smooth and productive night with clear skies and great seeing.

Science data taken for:
2020-2-SCI-027 P1 RSS (Spectroscopy of a transitional milli-second pulsar candidate)
2020-1-MLT-006 P1 RSS (Measuring the halos of super spirals)
2020-2-SCI-043 P3 SCAM (Searching for cometary-like activity of faint, small Solar System bodies called Centaurs.)
2020-2-SCI-018 P3 HRS (Understanding the nucloesynthesis of heavy elements)
2018-2-MLT-006 P3 RSS (Study of unclassified extragalactic NuSTAR serendipitous sources)
2020-2-SCI-014 P3 RSS (Probing the quasar outflows.)
2019-1-MLT-008 P3 HRS (HRS monitoring of yellow symbiotic systems)
2020-2-SCI-040 P3 RSS (Redshift measurements of BL Lacs for the CTA project)
2020-2-SCI-035 P3 RSS (A MeerKAT radio and SALT optical spectro-polarimetry survey of mCVs)


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