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Milky Way season has started!

15 Apr 2021, 09:43 UTC
Milky Way season has started!
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View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Marc Toso in Honeymoon Hill, Nevada captured this photo of the Milky Way on April 5, 2021. He wrote: “It’s been almost a year since I’ve done a shot like this. It was good to quietly watch the stars again. This rock art alone sits on the highest point of a hill, surrounded by 360 degrees of view, engulfed in the remnants of a stone circle. I like the idea that it is an observatory of the night sky. But I have no idea. It seems likely that someone stood here at night before me. The air was cold. I was fortunate that the wind was absent. Waiting for the long exposures to click by, the only sounds were my breathing and the blood in my heart, reminding myself that we are not much different than the stone and sky. Hoping for more time under the sky soon.” Thank you, Marc!
The long swath of the Milky Way, the edgewise view into our home galaxy, is now rising after midnight as seen from around the globe. At this time of year, at EarthSky Community Photos, we always start seeing many photos of the Milky ...

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