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UR: Finding the Chirp

11 Apr 2021, 16:00 UTC
UR: Finding the Chirp
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The Undergraduate Research series is where we feature the research that you’re doing. If you are an undergraduate that took part in an REU or similar astro research project and would like to share this on Astrobites, please check out our submission page for more details. We would also love to hear about your more general research experience!
Shashwat SinghSardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of TechnologyToday’s guest post was written by Shashwat Singh, an undergraduate at SVNIT Surat, India; along with Amitesh Singh and Ankul Prajapati. Initial work was presented at the ICGC conference as a poster held at IISER Mohali, India in 2019 and the pre-print of the paper is available on the arxiv.Gravitational waves (GWs), which are a solution to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, are ripples in the fabric of spacetime that carry energy across space and emanate from astrophysical sources involving extreme masses, such as the merger of two black holes. The energy given off by these masses is large enough to perturb spacetime. Such perturbations can be observed and recorded by interferometers such as LIGO and Virgo, which generate signals corresponding to the same disturbances in spacetime. LIGO has an arm length as long as 2.5 ...

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