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American Meteor Society

Meteor Activity Outlook for April 3-9, 2021

2 Apr 2021, 16:26 UTC
Meteor Activity Outlook for April 3-9, 2021
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Hugues Courtois captured this bright fireball near Polaris (the North Star) from Andeville, France, on 18 February 2021, at 02:19 CET (1:19 UT). For more reports on this fireball, visit: https://fireball.amsmeteors.org/members/imo_view/event/2021/1341 Credit Hugues Courtois.

Meteor activity picks up a bit during April as the Lyrids become active during the month. They are active from the 15th through the 29th, with a pronounced maximum on the 22nd. Sporadic rates during April are steady as seen from both hemispheres with southern observers enjoying more activity that can be seen from the mid-northern hemisphere. The eta Aquariids will become active the second half of the month, adding a few swift meteors to the late morning scene.
During this period the moon reaches its last quarter phase on Sunday April 4th. On this date the moon is located 90 degrees west of the sun and rises near 3:00 local daylight saving time (LDST). As the week progresses the moon will rise later each night, providing a growing window of opportunity to view under dark skies between dusk and moonrise. The estimated total hourly meteor rates for evening observers this week is near 2 as seen from mid-northern latitudes and 3 as seen from tropical ...

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