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Beating the blues – Hot companions of blue stragglers

31 Mar 2021, 19:02 UTC
Beating the blues – Hot companions of blue stragglers
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Title: UOCS. IV. Discovery of diverse hot companions to blue stragglers in the old open cluster King 2Authors: Vikrant Jadhav, Sindhu Pandey, Annapurni Subramaniam, Ram Sagar.First Author’s Institution: Indian Institute of AstrophysicsStatus: Accepted in JAA [closed access]Blue stragglers are mysterious stars that appear brighter and hotter than other stars with similar ages and masses. Although the exact origin of these stars is not known, they are thought to be formed when stars in a binary system interact with each other. The authors of today’s paper search for blue stragglers in the open cluster King 2, and look for evidence of binarity in these stars.
The curious case of blue stragglers Blue straggler stars in a stellar cluster can be identified from its Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagram (Figure 1). Stars that are burning Hydrogen in their cores lie on the Main-Sequence in the HR diagram. Higher mass stars exhaust their core hydrogen faster than low mass stars, and subsequently leave the main sequence. Thus, there is a maximum mass above which stars in a cluster no longer lie on the Main Sequence. This point in the HR diagram is called the Main Sequence Turn-Off (MSTO), and represents the most massive star that ...

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