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Today’s Deep Space Extra

31 Mar 2021, 16:02 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… The Mars 2020 Perseverance rover has started to deploy the Ingenuity helicopter ahead of the first-ever attempt at a powered flight on another world. New signs of bipartisan support for space policy emerge.

Human Space Exploration
NASA analyzes navigation needs of Artemis Moon missionsGPS World (3/29): NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center is leading efforts to develop the navigational technologies that will be needed by the agency and its partners as they work to establish a sustained human presence at the Moon over the 2020s. NASA will use upcoming Artemis missions to test proven capabilities, as well as to try novel technologies.

Space Science
Perseverance rover begins steps to deploy Mars helicopterSpaceflightnow.com (3/30): In a slow, step-by-step deployment that is projected to take around six days, the Ingenuity helicopter is detaching from the Perseverance rover. The aircraft could make the first powered flight on another world as soon as next week in an experiment that could allow aerial scouts in future missions to reach locations beyond the range covered by ground-based vehicles. As of today, all of Ingenuity’s four landing legs have been deployed from Perseverance.
The ‘USS Jellyfish’ emits strange radio ...

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