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Warp Drives!

23 Mar 2021, 17:27 UTC
Warp Drives!
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Title: Introducing Physical Warps Drives
Authors: Alexey Bobrick, Gianni Martire
First author’s institution: Advanced Propulsion Laboratory at Applied Physics
Journal: Submitted to Classical and Quantum Gravity. Open access on ArXiv.
Disclaimer: The author would first like to publicly state that Black lives and Black Trans lives matter. Secondly, the author condemns all police brutality against people of color. Lastly, the author recognizes that the writing of this article was performed on the stolen land of indigenous people.

Alcubierre Who?The speed of light is one of the most infamous numbers in all of science. The all-powerful “c” (~3×10^8 m/s) dictates so much of the universe; from how fast photons move between stars to how limited humans are in space travel, the speed of light reigns supreme. According to Einstein’s momentous equation E = mc^2 and the theory of general relativity, going faster than the speed of light requires an infinite amount of energy. While that sounds like an absolute no-go, “warp drives” are a theoretical technology capable of accelerating something past the speed of light boundary.Contrary to common perceptions, moving faster than the speed of light is allowed by Einstein’s theories. For example, within general relativity, spacetime itself can warp, bend ...

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