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#BlackInAstro Experiences: Moiya McTier

19 Mar 2021, 19:00 UTC
#BlackInAstro Experiences: Moiya McTier
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We will be continuing our ongoing series #BlackInAstro. For our cornerstone post, see here.

Moiya McTier (Image Credits: Arin Sang-urai)
While the tension between STEM and humanities subjects goes back centuries, and it remains heated and often polarizing today, Moiya McTier successfully proves that you can do both if you want.Moiya McTier is an Astronomy PhD student at Columbia University. After graduating from Harvard University where she studied both astrophysics and folklore & mythology, she decided to figure out “Is there a place in a galaxy where life is most likely to form?” Her research is about the motion of stars around the Milky Way galaxy and she is trying to understand if this motion “has any influence on where habitable planets might form. This is also called Search for Galactic Habitable Zones.”
Pizza can change everything!Moiya grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, where people “have never even seen a Black person before.” She has experienced what she called an “in-your-face” type of racism, enduring racial slurs at school. On her website, she states that “through hard work and a significant amount of luck, she was accepted to Harvard University”, but after listening to her story I ...

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