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UR: The Orbit and Growth of HD 142527B

14 Mar 2021, 16:00 UTC
UR: The Orbit and Growth of HD 142527B
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The Undergraduate Research series is where we feature the research that you’re doing. If you are an undergraduate that took part in an REU or similar astro research project and would like to share this on Astrobites, please check out our submission page for more details. We would also love to hear about your more general research experience!
William BalmerAmherst CollegeThis guest post was written by William Balmer. William Balmer is a senior undergraduate, double majoring in Astronomy and Physics at Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts. They are conducting this research at Amherst under the direction of their advisor Dr. Katherine B. Follette. Recent results of this project were presented at the 237th AAS meeting and the work will be submitted for publication in Summer 2021.Planets form from circumstellar disks, pancakes of gas and dust which gather around a newly formed star. Circumstellar disks exhibit a wide variety of structures (rings, spiral arms, and gaps) which continue to be revealed by high resolution imaging. Many of these structures are sculpted by growing planets embedded within the disk. The most striking of these disk features are transition disk gaps, which extend for tens (or even hundreds) of AU and are shaped ...

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