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Today’s Deep Space Extra

12 Mar 2021, 14:31 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… Hubble returns to operations after being in safe mode for more than four days. NASA’s Perseverance Mars mission honors Navajo language.

Human Space Exploration
NASA will map every living thing on the International Space StationScientific American (3/11): Each person going to space is accompanied by trillions of bacteria and viruses, but we are still in the dark about how these microorganisms react in orbit. New studies designed to know the full spectrum of species living aboard the International Space Station (ISS) aim to understand, prevent, and mitigate dangerous outbreaks and can help us prepare for human missions to Mars. For the studies, astronauts on the ISS swabbed 1,000 different locations throughout the orbiting lab. The samples will be returned to Earth for analysis.

Space ScienceAging Hubble returns to operations after software glitchSpaceNews.com (3/12): After being sent to safe mode for four and a half days following a system error, the Hubble Space Telescope resumed operations yesterday. The software error was a result of an enhancement recently uploaded to the telescope that was intended to compensate for fluctuations from one of its gyroscopes.
Navajo Nation helping NASA to name Mars featuresKRQE (3/11): ...

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