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A Matter-Antimatter World

25 Feb 2021, 14:00 UTC
A Matter-Antimatter World
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Title: MOND-like behavior in the Dirac-Milne universe — Flat rotation curves and mass/velocity relations in galaxies and clusters Authors: Gabriel Chardin, Yohan Dubois, Giovanni Manfredi, Bruce Miller and Clément Stahl First Author’s Institution: Université de Paris, CNRS, Astroparticule et Cosmologie, Paris, France Status: Submitted to arXiv (open access)
In the 1930s, observations of the Coma cluster showed that the peculiar velocities of its galaxies are way too large compared to what they should be (based on the visible mass). Several decades later, Vera Rubin and Albert Bosma found that rotation curves – a measure of the rotational velocity of a galaxy as a function of the distance from its centre – remain flat instead of decreasing, seemingly in defiance of Newton’s law of universal gravitation. In the years since, solutions to these problems have largely fallen into two competing theories. The first hypothesis is the presence of a large amount of invisible matter that provides the necessary mass to account for the otherwise anomalous dynamics of galaxies. This dark matter is a core component of the current standard cosmological model: Lambda cold dark matter (LCDM). Although LCDM is highly successful, it is not without its problems. Dark matter itself is ...

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