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Today’s Deep Space Extra

16 Feb 2021, 16:58 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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Human Space ExplorationLuxembourg space programme to work with NASA on Moon miningFinancial Times (2/15): Luxembourg intends to play a part in NASA’s plans to establish a base camp near the Moon’s south pole as part of the Artemis initiative. Luxembourg’s interest is focused on providing an ability to search for resources and process them into materials such as oxygen and fuel, which will be required for long-term human habitation on the Moon. Through Artemis, NASA intends to establish a sustained human presence at the Moon.

Space Science
NASA Mars InSight lander limits operations due to dusty solar panelsCNET (2/15): As dust collects on InSight’s solar panels and winter comes to Mars’ Elysium Planitia, the mission team is following a plan to reduce science operations to keep the lander safe. The team expects to ramp science operations back up more fully in mid-2021 as Mars gets closer to the sun. InSight is the first mission to Mars to explore subsurface activity including Marsquakes.
Asteroid or icy comet, where did the dinosaur-killing impactor come from?Deccan Herald (2/15): It was 66 million years ago that the Earth was struck by another celestial body on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The aftermath led to ...

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