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All your Base(Lines) are Belong to Us

3 Feb 2021, 19:29 UTC
All your Base(Lines) are Belong to Us
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One of the many things shared by the astronomical objects observed by NRAO radio telescopes and its Education and Public Outreach department: both are ever evolving. The experience of directly connecting with the public, in a face-to-face direct conversation, is one of the most effective ways to engage a curious mind. However, this kind of outreach is extremely resource intensive to do and rare, especially during the Covid-19 era. Of all the excellent forms of public outreach NRAO offers (and has been doing for years), there has been one missing element of engagement: web-hosted videos. Our webpage and social media feeds are rich with radio astronomy and science content targeted for the science-interested public: sci-fi fans, astronomy nerds and students, and of course, astronomers, educators and scientists. However, we didn’t have a way to closely capture and replicate that face-to-face, direct conversation experience that could reach more members of the general public. After many months of development and experimentation—searching for a dynamic host and combining the creative talents of our staff—the Baseline video series was born!

This short, online video series aims to share exciting scientific results, telling the story of radio astronomy in an informal, conversational way. Native, ...

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