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SALT Astronomy

Night Log 2021-02-06

7 Feb 2021, 05:50 UTC
Night Log 2021-02-06
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SA: Alexei
SO: Veronica


=> Stable night with good and moderate seeing. Eleven blocks were observed in total and ten of them are high priority blocks.

Science data taken for:
2018-2-LSP-001 P0 RSS (Observing optical counterparts of transient objects)
2020-2-SCI-019 P1 RSS (x2) (Galaxies responsible for ultrastrong MgII absorption.)
2020-1-DDT-009 P1 HRS (Looking for exocomets around Beta Pictoris with SALT)
2020-1-MLT-001 P1 RSS (M-sigma relation for a low mass AGNs)
2018-2-LSP-001 P1 HRS (Observing optical counterparts of transient objects)
2020-1-MLT-002 P2 HRS (HRS study of long-period eclipsing binaries)
2020-2-MLT-002 P2 RSS (Spectral study of the outer XUV-disks in S0 galaxies)
2020-2-MLT-005 P2 RSS (Local Volume as a benchmark of the near-field cosmology: study the most isolated galaxy population)
2020-2-SCI-040 P2 RSS (Redshift measurements of BL Lacs for the CTA project)
2020-2-MLT-003 P3 HRS (Follow-up of rare SB4 discovered in Gaia-ESO, GALAH and APOGEE)


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