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Is that a UFO?! There is probably an explanation

15 Dec 2020, 11:00 UTC
Is that a UFO?! There is probably an explanation
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An experimental rocket test over Norway in 2009, which triggered many UFO reports. Read more about this photo.
If an unidentified flying object (UFO) were to appear in the sky, it is likely that it would be seen first by those who spend a lot of time gazing upwards: astronomers. But professional and amateur astronomers don’t usually observe any UFOs. Because they know what may appear up there, they’re able to identify most sightings of objects and events, no matter how strange they may look. Instead, UFO sightings are usually reported by the general public. During the pandemic times of 2020, reports of a perceived increase in sightings have appeared in many countries, but these have often been a matter of poor ability to interpret cell phone camera shots. This is also an indication of people taking more time to observe the sky above us, which is a trend we like.
For your reference, here’s a list of sky objects people frequently mistake for UFOs.
Rocket launches
Used rocket bodies
Atmospheric balloons
Earth-orbiting satellites
Contrails from jet aircraft
Chinese lanterns
Bright meteors
“Moving stars”
Planet Venus

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