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Today’s Deep Space Extra

8 Dec 2020, 17:50 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… A new NASA report outlines the science priorities for Artemis III. The latest commercial cargo mission to the International Space Station (ISS) delivers a commercial airlock developed by Nanoracks. Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier and a central figure in the book “The Right Stuff” passed away Monday at age 97.

Human Space Exploration
Core stages for crewed NASA Artemis missions now under productionExecutive.gov (12/3): Technicians are manufacturing Space Launch System (SLS) core stages for the Artemis II and Artemis III lunar missions at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility. All the main core stage structures for Artemis II have been built and are being outfitted with electronics, feedlines, and propulsion systems. Engineers are welding the core stage structures for Artemis III, the first mission in the Artemis program to land astronauts on the Moon, through a process called friction stir welding.
What Artemis astronauts could learn about the Moon when they land in 2024CNN (12/7): NASA on Monday released its “Artemis III Science Definition Team Report: A Bold New Era of Human Discovery,” addressing the science objectives of NASA’s Artemis initiative to return humans to the surface of the Moon. ...

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