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The Eventual Fate of Our Solar System

25 Nov 2020, 17:00 UTC
The Eventual Fate of Our Solar System
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What thoughts keep you awake at night? If it’s questions about how our solar system is going to end … wow, you really focus on the big picture! But some scientists have wondered the same thing, and they’ve got an answer for you: part of it will be swallowed, and the rest is probably going to disintegrate.
After the Sun Grows Old
Studying the likely fate of our solar system is “one of the oldest pursuits of astrophysics, tracing back to Newton himself,” according to the opening of a recent publication led by Jon Zink (UC Los Angeles). Though the tradition is long, this field is complicated: solving for the dynamical interactions between many bodies is a notoriously difficult problem.
As the Sun evolves, it will become a red giant star, growing in size until it has engulfed the inner planets. [Roen Kelly]What’s more, it’s not just the dynamics of unchanging objects that need to be taken into account. The Sun will evolve dramatically as it ages off the main sequence, ballooning up to a size that engulfs the orbits of Mercury, Venus, and Earth and losing nearly half of its mass over the next 7 billion years.
The outer ...

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