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NASA re-establishes contact with Voyager 2 spacecraft

6 Nov 2020, 11:41 UTC
NASA re-establishes contact with Voyager 2 spacecraft
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Artist’s concept showing the positions of the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes, now both outside the heliosphere, or sphere of our sun’s influence. Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech.
On October 29, 2020, NASA re-established contact with its Voyager 2 spacecraft, as it travels more than 11.6 billion miles (18.8 billion km) from Earth, beyond the heliopause, or boundary of our solar system. The 43-year-old space probe was left flying solo for 7 months while repairs were made to the radio antenna in that commands it. The only radio antenna that can command the space probe – the Deep Space Station 43 (DSS43) antenna in Canberra, Australia – had been offline since March.
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Mission operators sent a series of test commands to Voyager 2 using the DSS43 antenna, which established a signal confirming the “call” was received. The spacecraft executed the commands without issue, according to a NASA statement.
Voyager 2 has been traveling through space since its launch in 1977, and is now more than 11.6 billion miles ( 18.8 billion km) from Earth. Voyager 2 entered interstellar space two years ago, in November 2018, when ...

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