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This Week on The Space Show

26 Oct 2020, 14:17 UTC
This Week on The Space Show
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This week on The Space Show with Dr. David Livingston:

1. Monday, Oct. 26, 2020; 7 PM PDT (9 PM CDT; 10 PM EDT) NO PROGRAM TODAY.

2. Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, 7 PM PDT (9 PM CDT; 10 PM EDT): We welcome back CHRISTOPHER RICHINS of RBC Signals

3. Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020; Hotel Mars TBA pre-recorded. See upcoming show menu on the home page for program details.

4. Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020: No program today.

5. Friday, Oct. 30, 2020; 9:30-11 AM PDT; 11:30 AM-1 PM CDT; 12:30-2 PM EDT: No program for today.

6. Sunday, November 1, 2020 12-1:30 PM PDT, (3-4:30 PM EDT, 2-3:30 PM CDT): OPEN LINES today. We want to hear from you. All calls welcome with space, science,tech topics. First time callers wanted.

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