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Orionid Meteor Shower, Morning 21-23 October 2020

18 Oct 2020, 10:11 UTC
Orionid Meteor Shower, Morning 21-23 October 2020
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Morning sky as seen from Adelaide facing north-east at 4:30 am ACDST on 22 October, the Orionid radiant is indicated with a starburst. Similar views will be seen elsewhere in Australia at an equivalent local time. Click to embiggen.The Orionids are a worthwhile shower that somewhat favours the Southern Hemisphere,best seen between 2-5 am, the radiant, the point where meteors appear to originate from, being just under Betelgeuse, the bright red star in Orion.If you draw an imaginary line between Procyon and Aldebaran, then drop another imaginary line from Betelgeuse to the horizon, the radiant is just next to the intersection of those two lines.The Orionids are the debris from Halley's comet. The Orionids maximum is on October 21 UT (October 22 Australian time). This year the waxing Moon sets before the radiant rises significantly so won't interfere with the shower.The best viewing is the morning of the 22nd, when between 3-5 am under dark skies you should see about a meteor every 3-4 minutes, although reasonable rates will be seen the mornings before and after (see table below).You can find out the predicted rates for your location using the NASA meteor flux estimator (use 8 Orionids and make sure ...

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