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Super Heavy waiting in the wings amid Starship testing

4 Oct 2020, 20:30 UTC
Super Heavy waiting in the wings amid Starship testing
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All eyes remain on Starship SN8’s next-level test campaign, advancing the test program from 150-meter hops to high-altitude flights. Amid SN8’s preparations at the launch site – and numerous Starships, at various points of construction, at the Production Site – several Super Heavy sections were observed during the week in advance of stacking operations for the first prototype booster.

Starship Status:
Following SN8’s rollout to the launch site, the expected test flow has moved slightly to the right due to the delay in lifting the vehicle on to the launch mount due to high winds impacting crane operations.
Once the conditions improved, the lift was completed, allowing for several days of hooking the prototype into the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) lines to provide power and propellant loading during the test campaign.

It is expected SN8 will first undergo proof testing with LN2 at both ambient and cryogenic temperatures, ensuring the vehicle has no leaks or weak points in its structure. This follows the same test milestones as all previous Starship prototypes.
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However, the following flow milestones for SN8 will vary from those employed on its predecessors, with ...

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