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WD 1856

24 Sep 2020, 13:00 UTC
WD 1856
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Wikipedia dicit:
WD 1856+534 is a white dwarf located in the constellation of Draco. At a distance of about 25 parsecs (80 ly) from Earth, it is the outer component of a visual triple star system consisting of an inner pair of red dwarf stars. The white dwarf displays a featureless absorption spectrum, lacking strong optical absorption or emission features in its atmosphere. It has an effective temperature of 4,700 K (4,430 °C; 8,000 °F), corresponding to an age of approximately 5.8 billion years. WD 1856+534 is approximately half as massive as the Sun, while its radius is much smaller, being 40% larger than Earth.
The white dwarf is known to host one exoplanet in orbit around it. The exoplanet was detected through the transit method by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) between July and August 2019. An analysis of the transit data in 2020 revealed that it is a Jupiter-like giant planet with a radius over ten times that of Earth’s, and orbits its host star closely at a distance of 0.02 astronomical units, or 60 times closer than Mercury’s distance from the Sun. The unexpectedly close distance of the exoplanet to the white dwarf implies ...

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