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Starship family grows ahead of new test phase

20 Sep 2020, 21:59 UTC
Starship family grows ahead of new test phase
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SpaceX’s family of Starship prototypes continues to grow ahead of what promises to be one of the most ambitious test programs in rocket history.
However, with “excitement guaranteed,” per CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk, the test flight of Starship SN8 will require fans to set their expectations accordingly – as it launches to 60,000 feet before a bellyflop return and three engine flip and burn for landing.
A successful test on the first attempt would be incredible. However, a failure would also provide priceless data to feed into the following Starships, several of which are already under construction.

SN5 and SN6:
The Hop-Proven duo continue to keep each other company as they watch new Starships undergo stacking in their former Mid Bay home.

While the successful 150-meter hops from these two prototypes were expected to be repeated numerous times, the success of SN5, followed by an improved hop from SN6, appears to have satisfied SpaceX’s requirements to push on to the next phase of testing.
The fate of SN5 and SN6 remains unknown. However, SpaceX did take care to move the duo into the under-construction High Bay this week, providing an element of protection from deteriorating weather conditions in ...

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