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SpaceX set for twelfth launch of Starlink v1.0 satellites

17 Sep 2020, 14:14 UTC
SpaceX set for twelfth launch of Starlink v1.0 satellites
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The next launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is set to take place Thursday September 17 at 2:19pm EDT (18:19 UTC) from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center. The weather forecast shows a 70% chance of favorable weather conditions with the primary concerns being the Cumulus Cloud Rule and Anvil Cloud Rule, with moderate risk conditions in the recovery zone. If the mission cannot launch on Thursday, the backup launch window on Friday only shows a 30% chance of acceptable weather.

The payload for this flight will be another batch of 60 satellites for the constellation of SpaceX Starlink satellites to provide high speed internet service. With each of these satellites having a mass of about 260kg, the full payload stack masses nearly 16 metric tons. According to pre-launch data released on Celestrak, the targeted deployment orbit will be approximately 260x280km.
The launch vehicle will be using first stage 1058.3, a lightly used booster that previously lofted the Commercial Crew DM-2 mission and the ANASIS-II satellite for the Korean government. One of the fairing halves was previously used on the Starlink v0.9 and Starlink v1.0 L5 missions.
The Falcon 9 booster is slated to land on drone ship Just Read ...

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