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Lore of the Constellations: Sagittarius the Archer

7 Sep 2020, 16:48 UTC
Lore of the Constellations:  Sagittarius the Archer
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Welcome back to yet another edition of the Lore of the Constellations. We are in the season of Summer and so far we have covered three constellations: Aquila the Eagle, Lyra the Harp, and Cygnus the Swan. Three constellations part of something called the Summer Triangle. Now, if you’ve been following these videos you’re aware of how Aquila the Eagle was the pet of Zeus and each day was set up Prometheus to torment him for stealing fire. Well, today we’re going to go over Sagittarius and how this constellation is connected in the ancient Greek myth with Aquila.

To begin, there are two competing myths associated with Sagittarius. One identifies this constellation not as a centaur but as the satyr, Crotus. A satyr is a half-man, half-goat. Crotus was said to be the inventor of archery. He would often go hunting and lived among the Muses whom requested that he be placed in the Sky, by Zeus, to demonstrate his skills in archery. The arrow in this constellation points towards the scorpion constellation, Scorpius. It is said that Sagittarius is protecting Orion who is about to be attacked by Scorpius.
In another story–though often associated with another constellation, Centaurus–Sagittarius ...

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