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Long March 4B lofts Gaofen-11 (02)

7 Sep 2020, 13:05 UTC
Long March 4B lofts Gaofen-11 (02)
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Following the successful launch and return of its recoverable experimental spaceplane, China launched another remote sensing satellite on September 7, 2020, from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. Launch of the Gaofen-11 (02) took place at 05:57 UTC from the LC9 Launch Complex using the Long March-4B – Chang Zheng-4B – Y46 rocket.

The second Gaofen-11 satellite is, according to official news sources, an optical remote sensing satellite with a ground image resolution up to the sub-meter level.
It will be mainly used in land census, urban planning, land rights, road network design, crop estimation, and disaster prevention and mitigation, and other fields. It can also provide information security for the “Belt and Road” construction and other major national strategic implementation and national defense modernization to provide information security.
To meet the requirements of the satellite protection and security, the rocket was equipped with a four-meter diameter reactive payload shroud and used high-altitude wind passive load reduction technology. With this technology, the additional loads caused by high-altitude wind were reduced, enhancing the rocket’s ability to adapt to the wind field. At the same time, this model, for the first time, added a wireless environmental monitoring system, which simplifies the detection of ...

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