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No, there's no such thing as a solar micronova

1 Sep 2020, 13:00 UTC
No, there's no such thing as a solar micronova
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Oh noes! A new notpocalypse is upon us!

Doomsday-fetishists are now claiming that in 2046 the Sun will undergo a "micronova" event that will create havoc on Earth, dogs and cats living together… you know the drill by now.

Well, at least this one is semi-new. I was getting tired of Nibiru.

In this case the idea appears to come from a guy named Doug Vogt, who has made a series of videos as part of his Diehold Foundation. In the list of the goals of the foundation there's this: "Expand our finding on the Hebrew alphabet and its similarity to Quantum Computing and its programming," if that gives you any perception of the level of nonsense we're talking about here.

To be clear, it's a mishmash of pseudoreligious weirdness combined with pseudoscience weirdness to make a fairly incomprehensible mishmash of… stuff. It's a little bit hard to follow the arguments, but here's what I can glean from it all.

He seems to think that the Sun has a 12,068-year cycle, and at the peak it undergoes something he calls a "micronova." What this means exactly isn't clear (which is true for most of his claims), but he says it ...

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