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Today’s Deep Space Extra

24 Aug 2020, 16:00 UTC
Today’s Deep Space Extra
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… NASA is seeking proposals for scientific activities that could be conducted by the crew of Artemis 3, a return to the surface of the Moon with astronauts in 2024.
Human Space Exploration
NASA seeks input on Artemis science goalsSpaceNews.com (8/23): As last week came to a close, NASA asked the science community to submit concisely worded proposals for scientific activities that the astronauts selected by NASA for the Artemis 3 mission could carry out. Artemis 3 is planned to mark the return of human explorers to the surface of the Moon in 2024. The two astronauts will need to be equipped and trained for the science activities they will carry out on foot at the lunar south pole, a region that was not explored by the Apollo astronauts. Proposals are to be submitted by September 8.
China is aiming to attract partners for an international lunar research stationSpaceNews.com (8/21): China’s proposed International Lunar Research Station would unfold robotically at the Moon’s south pole in the 2020’s, with short, then long term crew activities planned by the mid-2030’s and into the 2040’s. China has discussed possible participation with the Russian and European space agencies.
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