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1,000 AAS Nova Highlights and Five Years of Astronomy

5 Aug 2020, 16:00 UTC
1,000 AAS Nova Highlights and Five Years of Astronomy
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In August of 2015, AAS Nova launched as a new service provided by the AAS journals. Today, five years later, we’re officially celebrating the milestone of the 1,000th Highlight post published on the site.
Beyond functioning as a news service, AAS Nova acts as an archive of astronomy research — which provides us with an interesting opportunity to explore how our understanding of the universe has developed.
Today we’re taking a moment to look back at a tiny sample of the new discoveries and ideas published across different corridors in the AAS journals and highlighted on AAS Nova over the past half-decade.

The faint object in the center of this image is NGC 1052-DF2, an ultra-diffuse galaxy at the center of a scientific debate about dark matter. [NASA/ESA/P. van Dokkum (Yale University)]
Galaxies and Cosmology
As might be expected, the past five years have seen new records set for the galaxies we’ve spotted, from the densest galaxy to the faintest distant galaxy to some galaxies that — mysteriously — might be lacking dark matter entirely.
We’ve also continued to make progress toward resolving a number of long-standing debates, such as the question of why we don’t see as many small ...

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