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Faint Jewels: Discovering The Brilliance of Dwarf Galaxies

4 Aug 2020, 16:00 UTC
Faint Jewels: Discovering The Brilliance of Dwarf Galaxies
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Editor’s note: Astrobites is a graduate-student-run organization that digests astrophysical literature for undergraduate students. As part of the partnership between the AAS and astrobites, we occasionally repost astrobites content here at AAS Nova. We hope you enjoy this post from astrobites; the original can be viewed at astrobites.org.
Title: Hidden AGN in dwarf galaxies revealed by MaNGA: light echoes, off-nuclear wanderers, and a new broad-line AGN
Authors: Mar Mezcua and Helena Domínguez Sánchez
First Author’s Institution: Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Status: Accepted to ApJ
Beneath the radiant tapestry of massive galaxies that thread our universe, lesser-known cosmic entities lurk — dwarf galaxies. Weighing in with a stellar mass below 3 billion solar masses, these low luminosity celestial islands barely tip the scale (many individual supermassive black holes outweigh them!). Furthermore, despite being the most abundant type of galaxy in the universe, their formation and evolution are still not very well understood.
Small But Mighty!
Artist’s impression of a galaxy’s active nucleus shrouded in dust. [NASA/SOFIA/Lynette Cook]Active galactic nuclei (AGN) glow vibrantly in the darkness of space. Fueled by the rapid accretion of matter onto compact black holes within galactic cores, these sources can outshine the collective starlight of their ...

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