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Beyond: Dilhan Eryurt and the Formation of the Sun

31 Jul 2020, 18:26 UTC
Beyond: Dilhan Eryurt and the Formation of the Sun
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When Dilhan Ezer Eryurt (1926 – 2012) arrived at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in 1961, she became the first Turkish astronomer to work at NASA and the only woman at the center. In a decade filled with the scientific and technical build-up to putting men on the moon, Eryurt was hardly the only woman whose story was drowned out. Even today, it is difficult to find more than a biographical sketch about the woman whose contributions to heliophysics were monumental and who garnered a status as an international astronomy ambassador. In her seven years at Goddard, Eryurt changed the understanding of pre-main sequence stellar evolution. A particularly powerful paper of hers was published in 1963 and is summarized below as part of today’s Beyond post. By providing more accurate models of the early Sun, Eryurt helped NASA scientists predict the conditions of the lunar surface more accurately, earning her the prestigious Apollo Achievement Award in 1969.

Source: Heavy.com/Creative Commons
Eryurt’s contributions to science hardly ended when she left Goddard. Upon returning to Turkey, she was a leading voice in convincing the Turkish government to establish a national observatory. She organized the first National Astronomy Congress in 1968. She ...

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