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29 Jul 2020, 13:01 UTC
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In Today’s Deep Space Extra… House deliberations over NASA’s 2021 budget continue this week. NASA’s Perseverance Mars 2020 rover mission set to liftoff Thursday. NASA joins with European and Japanese space agencies to select a spring 2021 commercial crew mission to the International Space Station (ISS).
Space Policy
Rules Committee nixes $2.6 billion plus up for NASA, other amendments (7/28): The U.S. House Rules Committee decided Tuesday not to allow the full House to consider an amendment to the House Appropriations Committee’s measure approving $22.6 billion for NASA during the 2021 fiscal year, which begins October 1. That is the same as for 2020 but $2.6 billion less than the White House requested in order to develop a human lunar landing system to achieve a return to the surface of the Moon with human explorers in 2024. A bipartisan group of eight lawmakers proposed amending the committee measure by adding $2.6 billion. The full House will consider the Rules Committee’s decision Wednesday. Debate by the full House on a 2021 minibus appropriations bill that includes funding for NASA and a lineup of other federal agencies for 2021 is planned for Thursday. The Senate has yet to act.
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